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This website was initially established to distribute copies of Nick Murray's new book Scripts to financial advisers in the UK.

Nick is known as the adviser's adviser. He has authored numerous books, is a highly in demand speaker and publishes a newsletter called Nick Murray Interactive available at

As a huge fan of Nick's work, I was keen to get a copy of Scripts as soon as I could. However, his website does not allow shipping to the UK, nor does it allow purchases using credit cards with UK billing addresses.

So rather than wait for a used copy to turn up on ebay for £100, I managed to find a solution to ship copies in bulk from the US, and since I was doing this for me, I thought why not do it for friends and other financial advisers who I know would want but would be struggling to get a copy too.

So to avoid any awkwardness of requesting addresses and chasing payments, I created this website using Shopify which has made it all very easy. If you're ever thinking of setting up your own online store, I can highly recommend using Shopify. This is probably where I should have a referral code or something, but that's maybe for another day and another blog. 

We've now sold 60 copies of Scripts and due to ongoing demand from financial advisers, we have 30 more copies on order. 

We have also added two of Nick's other books to the site 'Around The Year' and 'Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth' 

Around The Year is ideal as a daily reference for advisers

Simple Wealth is foundational, and in my opinion best given to new financial advisers, and even clients.

Thank you to everyone who has trusted us to far to supply them with these great books from Nick. I know it will help financial advisers and therefore will help their clients.

I keep saying we and us, because the plan now is to turn Phynancial into a family business. My day job and focus will always be as a financial planner, but i'm confident I can find the books and tools that have helped me, and supply them through this website to help other financial advisers and their clients.

The first product we've added is a Galton Board, which is a fun, physical way to show the statistical concept of normal distribution. Check out the videos on YouTube to see it in action.


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