We take our impact on the environment very seriously and continuously look for ways to reduce any harm our activities may have.

We are conscious that our business involves the transportation of books and other products through the mail, including internationally, with all the environmental impact the production and transportation that results.

However, Phynancial was established and will always be based on making finance physical, it's literally in our name. Whilst digital books and tools have a place, we believe the best learning involves holding something physical too. 

While we think it is incumbent on the organisations who supply us to manage their own environmental impact, we will always seek to engage with them as their clients, to improve the way we work together. Such as batching orders to reduce the volume of deliveries required

Every shipment we make to our customers uses recycled and recyclable paper envelopes, no plastic bubble wrap here!

We will continue to look for ways to reduce our environmental impact. If you have any ideas about how to do this, please email us at david@phynancial.co.uk